Types of Windows


Our custom, made-to-order, replacement windows come in every type and style imaginable. From small hopper windows that will let there be a bit more light in your basement, to wide bay windows that can turn your living room into a sunny paradise, Dream Window and Door has more than enough to offer to keep any homeowner happy, and at a price that can’t be beat.


Double Hung Windows

One of the most universally popular types of custom windows, double hung windows feature two sashes (essentially a series of panes held together by casing) meaning that the window can be opened from either the top or bottom. These replacement windows are widely used throughout east coast architecture.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are windows with a vertical hinge, meaning that they swing outwards like a door rather than opening up or down. These windows are usually opened with a hand crank and are often hung in pairs within a single frame.

Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows have multiple sashes, typically two, that overlap slightly within the same frame. The windows can be opened by sliding the sashes horizontally for quick, easy access to fresh air.

Bay Windows

Bay Windows, once a staple of Victorian architecture, are multi-pane, made-to-order windows, which project outwards from a building, forming an inner bay. Bay Windows have become ubiquitous for their style, splendor, and the unique space they provide, and are the go-to location for placing window seats.

Picture Windows

Picture Windows are large, typically fixed position windows, designed to offer an unimpeded view of the landscape. Picture windows are perfect for adding natural light to a room or framing a beautiful landscape feature.

Garden Windows

Similar to bay windows, garden windows project from your home’s exterior, forming a shelving space that offers maximum sunlight for any indoor plants you may have. Garden windows provide the perfect space to show off beautiful greenery while keeping it healthy.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hung and operated much like casement windows, except on a horizontal hinge, swinging out like an awning. Typically opened using a hand crank, awning windows are excellent for rooms that may not have enough space for other windows.

Hopper Windows

Typically used in schools or residential basements, hopper windows are placed towards a room’s ceiling and are very similar in appearance to awning windows. The difference is that hopper windows open from the top, with the sash pivoting inwards, while awning windows open from the bottom out.

Many More

These are but a few of the many kinds of the quality, made-to-order, vinyl replacement windows that Dream Window and Door can provide for your home or business. We have access to all of the most popular window styles used in Maryland, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Virginia architecture. If you need any kind of custom vinyl window installation, chances are we have the materials and experience to do the job right, do it quickly, and do it at a price that’s right for you.