Dream Window and Door is one of the few home improvement companies that offers same as cash, 0% interest payment plans and financing options!

At Dream Window and Door, we’re all about making it easy to afford the home of your dreams. Whether it’s new, energy efficient windows, or a new roof, our flexible payment plans with same as cash, 0% interest make it easy to afford the home, and home remodeling company, you deserve.

Flexible Payments

We know home improvements can seem expensive, especially if you’re looking at the cost in terms of an immediate hit to your bank account. That’s why we’re willing to work with you to negotiate a payment plan that fits your needs. At Dream Window and Door we offer the option to pay for your home improvement over 12-18 months at no added cost and we accept all major credit cards. No matter what your financial situation, we’re willing to put in the effort to find a payment plan that you feel comfortable with. Our same as cash, 0% interest plans make sure of it.

Request 0% Financing